Brand Identity for Agro Care Animal Products

Giving a fresh coat of branding to a 20 years old Veterinary medicine Company.

Agro Care logo design Hero image 1


To come up with a Brand Logo and Colors that represent, Healthy, Organic & Animals (Cow)


I design the complete Logo suite and Brand Guidelines.


  • Logo Design
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Website UX/UI & Development

Agro Care Animal Products was founded in 2001 and focused on making animal health better. Since the foundation of the company, they have a very basic logo. And since then, they have used the old logo till 2021.

As their company’s growth and reputation we’re building, they thought of getting a complete brand identity that represents them from the competition and can be used in the upcoming years.

The Brief

According to the Zoom call I had with the founder, they were looking for a clean, simple logo that somehow shows cows. The Brand tone was Organic & Healthy, and the old color was dark green.

The Process

After taking the keynotes from the Zoom call, I have come up with 2 mood boards to find the Design taste and typography. From their accepted mood board, I came up with a soft green color as the primary color and dark shades of green as the general colors.

Moodboard of Agro Care logo design 1
The Color box for Agro Care Animal Products
Brand Color Pallete (New)

In addition, I have done some rough sketches of my logo design process while checking through the mood board in more detail.

Logo Design

I was looking to make a Line Art logo design for its simplistic look. I started doing a couple of free-hand logo designs with a straight line in my sketchbook until I found 3 sketches I found good.

Logo Sketch of Agro Care Animal Logo design 1
My Logo Sketch Process

I refined each of the three sketches in the Adobe illustrator until I made the first logo design concept.

In the FIrst logo design concept, I have gone for the Line art with a single line that symbolically has the whole cow face and another rounded line covering the head’s white space.

I have implemented the Cow face into the logo that was highly focused on the client Brief.
For the Wordmark, I have chosen Poppins as the Wordmark, and I tweaked the Wordmark to make it more custom.

I chose a San Serif typeface because it’s bold & clean.

Logo variations of Agro Care Animal Logo design 1
Approved Logo Variations
Size and Spacing of Agro Care Animal Logo design 1
Sizing & Spacing Guide

They loved the first logo design sketch without any changing requests, and I moved to the Typography Selection.


For the typography, I have chosen Heibird as the main Headline font and Satoshi as the Body and Button texts.

While using the two typefaces accurately gives both a Modern-Classic and Organic look.

Typography of Agro Care Animal Logo design 1
Brand Typography

After finishing the typography selection, I worked on the Logo presentation in different cases and the Styleguide.

The Styleguide includes how to implement the logo design in social media, packaging, website, and other aspects of the brand identity in both the physical and digital world. I hand off the logos in different formats that can be used in most scenarios.

Logo in Action

Here are some photographic examples of how Agro Care Animal Products can use the logo in different scenes and their future packaging.

Agro Care animal health logo mockup 1 1
Agro Care animal health logo mockup 2 1
Agro Care animal health logo mockup 4 1
Agro Care animal health logo mockup 3 1
Agro Care animal health logo mockup 5 1
Agro Care animal health logo mockup 6 1
Agro Care animal health logo mockup 7 1
fixed Agro Care animal health logo mockup 8

The Impact

After getting a fresh coat of branding after 20 years, the brand Agro Care Animal is now looking more modern but has the same tone of voice that they have been following since the building of the brand.

I have an awesome experince working with a big company and directly getting assitant from the founder. Also, it was my honor to make the new logo for an old reputatble brand.

Thank you so much to Mr. Omar Faruk for giving me the opportunity and helping me with clear information while working on the Project. I Wish you all the best to you, your team and the future grwoth of Agro care animal products.

Farhan Mubin