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Freelance User Interface & Brand identity Designer focused on StartupsContent Creators.

Hello, I am Mubin. An Entrepreneur-minded designer & YouTuber based in Bangladesh who loves to create brands that make an impact. Also Founded Enstant Man.

11hrs Creator
Agro Care
Enstant Man
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About Mubin (It’s me)

2016 was the year of my life when I realized what Creativity is. That simple 10-word is the thing that completely made me realize how obsessive I am with creative designs and motion graphics.

With my…

✨ 2+ years of experience as a UX/UI designer,
πŸ–ŒοΈ 5+ years as a Brand Designer,
πŸƒ 5+ years as a Motion Graphics Designer,
πŸ”Ž 3+ years as a Content Creator, SEO and Marketing,
πŸ•΅οΈβ€β™‚οΈ 2+ years as a WordPress Web development.
Now, I can stay with a Startup from the BETA to the successive growth stages due to my variety of knowledge in different fields.

I may not have 21+ years of experience till now, but do you know what, I am always thriving my knowledge, and I always stay up to date with new Trends. That’s why my clients have never complained about my working experience.

Press the button below to know why I have left Fiverr account that has 250+ Clients & Why I have Built my own brand Mubin dot Design

About mubin

Services I do that scream WOW!

Thinking of launching your next Startup that will make a BOLD IMPACT or want to
take your brand identity to the MOON! I have something for you.

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UX/UI Design

– Responsive Website
– Webapps/SAAS Apps
– Landing/Lead Page
– Dashboard UX/UI

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Brand Identity Design

– Brand Strategy
– Logo Design
– Brand Guidelines
– Pattern & MISC.

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WordPress Dev.

– Full Website
– Blog + ADS
– Landing/Lead Page
– E-Commerce

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Content Creation

– Ghost Writing
– SEO Writtings
– IG Carousels
– Newsletter

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Motion Graphics

– Live Streaming
– Branded Contents
– Web Animations
– Icon Animations

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– Collaboration
– Review (Social)
– Review (Video)
– Review (Blog)

My Works (Handpicked)

These are some of my favourite projects I have selected. You can check more on my Dribbble profile.

Agro Care BD Branding

Brand Identity – Agro Care

I was responsible for making the complete brand redesign for Agro Care. Choosing the right brand color palette, making complete logo suites
& Social Media Projects.

View the Case Study β†’

211hrs Creator Branding

Brand Identity – 11hrs Creator

I have built the Brand Identity for 11hrs Creator, a Digital Service provider brand. I was responsible to make a logo that can be implement to their Merch, Website and App.

Case Study inProgress –

DesignHaul Branding

Brand Identity – Designhaul

This is my Portfolio Project for Logo Design. Designhaul is a website dedicated to gathering design assets around the internet in one place. I was responsible for coming up with the Name, Colors, Brand Tone and Website UI design.

Case Study inProgress –

11hrs Creator HomePage

Web UX/UI & Website Dev.
– 11hrs Creator

As part of the Full Branding design of 11hrs Creator, I have also made the Complete UX/UI design and WordPress development for their Digital download website and Landing Page.

Case Study inProgress –

LastPass Redesign

Concept UX/UI Dasboard – Lastpass

This is my favorite redesign project so far. I found the current Lastpass dashboard UI quite outdated. Also, there were a few UX bugs in their current Dashboard. I changed the dashboard UX/UI to be more modern and easier to navigate.

Case Study inProgress –

Some Testimonials of my clients

These are some of the testimonials from 252 Five (5)-star reviews.

“Mubin was great at communication and fast capturing the ideas when discussing what our company wants. The logo was awesome and matched our company’s tone; thus, we didn’t think twice about our website development.”

Agro Care Omar Faruk

Omar Faruk

Founderof Agro Care

“very good to work with. 5 stars across the board. He designed it too perfect and will defently be working with him again. 10/10 reccommend to try him out out over all people.”

Kingpdx 1


Twitch Streamer

“Very pleasant to work with, the whole package came out amazing, super grateful I chose to work with you :)”



Content Creator

How do I proceed to make your
next big brand?

Coffee & Chat:

You found me, or I found you. We will discuss what you/the brand want.

Once we figure it out, I will do a Questionary call that includes many questions (related to your work, of course), and I will send you the best offer and package.

Woohoo, Design time:

In this phase, I will be doing your design (according to your package) with your descriptions, discussion, and keynotes.

Once I am done with the design, you will be able to see the design and will have 2 days to share your feedback and changes at once. Again, I will start refining your feedback.

Epic Reveal time:

This is the day I will be handing off all the necessary files and documents. Now, it’s time to make your brand the next big brand.

In the meantime, I will be assisting you in setting up things and after-delivery questions. So, no worries, you will be in good hands even after delivery.

– We will keep all the chat, files, revisions, and comments in one place.
– The Delivery time is based on the project.
– I take 70% Payment Upfront and the other 30% before the final delivery.

I am also an Educator!

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I run my motion graphics tutorial channel where I teach how to become a better motion graphics designer.
14k+ Subscribers

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On my Instagram @heyenstantman, I share BITE sized knowledge about Design and diffrent Design tools.
7K+ Followers

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I have 2 Blogging website where I share my knwoledge to the world and well as to learn the upto date google SEO changes. My Blogs ranks on Google’s first page.

So, I assume you are impressed

because you have made it this far. Still, if you are not, feel free to hit me with a message. I will get back to you within 9 hours.

πŸ“§ My pro-looking, official, one n only contact email is [email protected] or gently press the button below.